Wealthsqope Digital Developer

Control, Speed & Power in the Hands of Your Digital Product Team

Gain control of your digital experience and shave months off of your development project timelines.

Wealthsqope Digital Developer (WSDD)
was developed to solve for this challenge.

Scivantage’s robust software development tool kit brings together widgets and web services with a middleware layer to let financial institutions quickly deploy web, mobile, voice and desktop interfaces.

Financial institutions are undergoing a digital transformation to deliver a seamless, unified client experience across channels.

If you build internally you need to:

  • map to multiple back-office systems
  • build the middleware to transform the data
  • build the front end

You maintain control but sacrifice time to market and have ongoing maintainance time and costs.

If you buy a vendor solution, you trade speed for:

  • limited control over user experience
  • pre-set release cycles
  • increased enhancement costs


Over the user experience and development cycle with flexibility that supports digital creativity to promote your company’s brand


By delivering advanced digital solutions with a quick time to market because all the heavy lifting is done


From years of experience and development done in Wealthsqope, an industry leading client engagement platform

WSDD addresses the traditional dilemma of buy vs. build by answering Buy AND Build.


WSDD provides a set of integrated APIs and front-end development tools that enable financial services firms to build or enhance their digital wealth management experiences by leveraging ready-to-deploy web and mobile components.

What’s Included:

All the tools a digital product team needs to support their technology build and deliver on the enhanced digital client experience firms need to attract and retain clients.

  • Embedded Widget Library
  • Web Services
  • API Documentation
  • Code Samples
  • API Keys
  • Tutorials
  • Usage Stats

What Makes Wealthsqope Digital Developer Different?

The Widgets and Web Services are enwrapped with pre-integrated back-end data and rule sets so the “heavy lifting” is done and the firm’s digital product team can focus on creating their unique digital experience.

Wealthsqope Digital Developer provides a broad set of capabilities across the financial firms’ needs and allows digital product managers and developers to develop and release their digital wealth management offerings on their own timelines, not tied to a vendor’s.

In other words, your team spends more time on developing winning ideas to serve clients and less on software development.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

WSDD provides complete control to firms’ digital product and technology teams, allowing them to deliver differentiated client experiences and enhanced product features while leveraging the proven, embedded business logic of the Wealthsqope solution.

Deliver on your digital transformation strategies with a shorter time to market − giving your clients the seamless and unified client engagement experience they are demanding, before your competitors get there.

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