Wealthsqope delivers a world class unified digital experience by bringing together the multiple custodians and back-offices, internal systems, and third party FinTech suppliers you rely on.

Wealthsqope Base Package

With the base package, you can deliver an enhanced user experience for your client base, providing your investors with more control and transparency into their accounts – leading to more engagement and client retention.

Each Wealthsqope implementation includes:

Account Management (CLICK TO VIEW)
Real-time account access and management capabilities

User Configured Dashboard and Dock (CLICK TO VIEW)
Flexibility for your investors to view information in a way that makes sense and is relevant to them

Personal Portfolio Management (CLICK TO VIEW)
Designed to help retail investors gain greater clarity and control of their investments and improve their performance

Markets and Investments (CLICK TO VIEW)
Integrated access to premium research & real-time market information that investors need to stay current

Online Document Delivery (CLICK TO VIEW)
Secure, electronic delivery and management of trade confirms statements and 1099s

Mobile and Tablet (CLICK TO VIEW)
Deliver personalized brokerage services to the range of mobile devices used by your investors, including iOS and Android devices

Money Movement (CLICK TO VIEW)
Real-time account funding application that make it easier to move money between bank and brokerage accounts

Admin Console (CLICK TO VIEW)
Manage and control user workflow and maintain full audit trails

For each investment channel, Wealthsqope provides a package of features specific to the investor needs.


Wealthsqope delivers industry leading functionality for each of your investment channels.  With flexible, easily configurable technology, Wealthsqope allows your firm to maintain and enhance your brand while presenting a Unified Digital Investment Experience to your investors.


Wealthsqope: Designed with Configurability in Mind

We know that every institution has different needs and requirements and now more than ever you need flexibility when implementing your enterprise platform. Wealthsqope reduces your timelines while supporting all of your business and departmental needs.

A Solution For Your Institution

Rapid Deployment, out of the box — few implementation resources required!

  • Hosted branded solution with direct login or single sign on
  • Fully branded configured hosted pages accessed by stock or syndicated navigation
  • Use out of the box onboarding, funding, market data, and mobile modules
  • 3rd party integrations

Rapid Deployment, customized site — some implementation resources required!

  • Hosted branded solution with a single sign on
  • Fully branded configured hosted pages plus Embedded Objects and Web Services
  • 3rd party integrations

Completely Custom UI
Longer Deployment highly customized — your implementation resources are required!

  • Your institution develops the site and integrates Wealthsqope components
  • Use of Web Services with limited use of Embedded Objects
  • Heavy API integration into marketing sites, CRM and 3rd parties
  • Customized onboarding, funding, market data, market content and mobile components

Wealthsqope delivers an integrated digital user experience, bringing together back-end integration and front-end delivery to power your Wealth Management Ecosystem.