Meet Jane, Jane is a cost basis analyst in the middle of tax season…she arrives at work, sits down at her desk, Starbucks in hand and looks at her computer to find 10,000 breaks that need to be reconciled. UGH and it’s only 9am; just when she thought she was going to have an easy day to catch up on other work…NOT!!!!!!!!!

Now imagine Jane’s life with Maxit Plus….Jane can enjoy her coffee and complete the important work that she hasn’t been able to complete because of the demands of scrubbing data for accuracy.

What’s Maxit Plus? It’s a group of services provided by Scivantage to give financial services firms the ability to streamline their back-office operations by having our experienced team perform repetitive operational tasks on their behalf.

I have been working in Brokerage Operations and Cost Basis Reporting for more than 20 years and I understand what it takes to consistently deliver accurate information for your end client. And I understand this isn’t always your “only” job.  My colleagues at Scivantage have similar experience (over 75 years of combined brokerage back-office operations and cost basis) and we started to think about how we could make the processes around cost basis easier for our clients. We created Maxit Plus. It allows us to provide a holistic solution to cost basis reporting, reducing back-office burden, enhancing end-client service experience and allowing our clients to better realize the strategic goals of their organization.

Scivantage gives firms peace of mind with experienced and knowledgeable staff doing the work for you. Scivantage’s subject matter experts lets firms focus resources on the business and strategic goals of the firm without the burden of the tactical tasks.  Whether it’s recon or tax, clients are provided with various tools, such as dashboards and reports, providing full transparency into the efforts and progress.

While Jane is enjoying her coffee, she knows her clients’ information is in safe hands with Maxit Plus.

Now that Jane has time to focus and her time isn’t being spent cleaning up breaks; she’s been able to accomplish her primary goals and contribute more to the strategic goals of her firm.

So, pass the burden onto Scivantage and sit back, relax and let us do the work…



Author: Jean Saladino, VP, Business ops

Jean is responsible for managing Business Operations at Scivantage which includes Client Services, Tax Reporting Operations and Product Research and Support. She is responsible for providing Scivantage clients with the only year-round tax reporting team combined with a cost basis solution. Jean brings to Scivantage 20 years of experience in Brokerage Operations, Cost Basis and Tax Reporting.