Many vendors think that once you get the sale, the hard part is over.   They convince you their product solves your issues, work out the negotiations and sign on the bottom line.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the sales process is very important and a time when you, the customer, gets to dig deep to make sure what we, the vendor, are offering will have the ROI you are looking for.

But, just making a sale does not mean that the world stops there.  At Scivantage, the sales process is the start of the relationship but the real business begins after the initial sale has been executed.

Keeping our customers happy is a must and priority in the way we do business.

And we don’t just say that, we can back up the statement above. But, I am not going to describe it with only words, instead I will let the numbers speak for themselves.

This year we closed 92% of the cases opened in 2017 (representing an overall reduction in cases of 48%).  For 2017, the Business Operations team had a stated mission to enhance our efficiency in closing cases to increase customer satisfaction.  Due to these efforts, by the end of 2017 we were closing cases 64% faster than the start of the year.

How did we do this?

We re-engineered our thought process of how cases should be handled and reorganized our approach to case review. In particular, an effort was made from the Client Services, Product Research and Support teams that moved cases quicker by finding ways to speed up the process of reviewing, researching, and eventually closing cases. We became more efficient by attending a variety of business and technology trainings, automating workflows to properly monitor and assign cases, and by empowering the Client Services team with the tools needed to more efficiently service our customers.

To keep track of these and many other stats and changes, we worked diligently to utilize and enhance the Salesforce experience for our clients. In doing that, this year we created 365 reports, 55 dashboards, and implemented 85 Salesforce enhancements to create a better service.  All of this helped us to drop the total case count on year-to-year basis by 48% and over 75% in two years span.

We were able to accomplish all this while at the same time the number of 1099 records experienced 250% increase. As you can see, customer service is our thing and we are proud of results being accomplished in this front-end area.

Yes, we are happy with our accomplishments but we aren’t going to stop there.

We believe that 2018 is going to be one of our best years as we continue to utilize all available tools and modernize both back and front-end systems to enhance our service. Our focus will be on perfecting the overall quality of the service we offer and information we provide to clients, along with continued improvement of simple metrics.

Our goal is to continue the “sales process” throughout our relationship with clients, consistently proving our value to them and proving out their ROI.

I invite you to stay tuned and follow our progress as we wish you successful 2018.