The company was recognized for its newest innovation, Wealthsqope Digital Developer

Scivantage®, a SaaS provider of Digital Wealth Management and full End-to-End Tax solutions (including Cost Basis and Information Reporting) is pleased to announce  it’s Wealthsqope Digital Developer platform was awarded the 2019 Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) award for Best Technology Innovation Solution. The award recognizes companies that are leaders in the advancement of the financial services industry’s products, services, and platforms through technology innovation.  This is the second year in a row Wealthsqope technological advancements have been recognized by BISA.

Wealthsqope Digital Developer is a comprehensive digital infrastructure platform combining UX widgets and web services with a middleware layer to help financial institutions quickly deploy web, mobile, voice and desktop experiences. Wealthsqope Digital Developer gives the financial institution’s product team full control over their digital experiences, slashing development time and effort by leveraging Wealthsqope’s powerful middleware and UX components.

“We are honored that BISA has continued to recognize our innovations in the marketplace.  As financial institutions undergo the digital transformation needed to deliver a seamless, unified client experience across products and channels, they struggle with the choice between outsourcing the delivery (and control) to a vendor, or, doing a full internal build – leading to higher costs and an extended time to market,” said Joe Stensland, Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Wealth at Scivantage. “We created Wealthsqope Digital Developer to tackle this challenge. This robust software development platform provides the control of an internal build while leveraging the speed and power of Wealthsqope, an industry-proven client engagement platform, as the catalyst and foundation of the financial institutions digital experiences,” added Stensland.

In 2018, Wealthsqope was presented the BISA Technology Innovation Award for its Digital Assistant app which delivers access to investment account information, allowing firms to quickly embrace the new technology around voice recognition.

The 2019 Technology Innovation Award was presented to Scivantage during the BISA Annual Convention in Hollywood, FL on March 7.

About Scivantage
Scivantage® is a SaaS provider of Digital Wealth Management and full End-to-End Tax solutions (including Cost Basis and Information Reporting). With proven expertise in online brokerage, tax and portfolio reporting, and wealth management applications, Scivantage delivers intelligent and actionable information that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional financial software, helping improve investment decisions. Leading financial institutions, including broker-dealers, mutual fund companies, bank custodians, trust and prime brokers, depend on Scivantage’s cloud-based technology to achieve critical business insights, generate new revenue and build stronger customer relationships. For more information, please visit or contact us at +1.646.452.0050