New functionality allows financial institutions to create unique investing experiences for target client segments and products

Scivantage, a technology provider of Digital Wealth Management, Cost Basis and Information Reporting solutions, is pleased to announce the latest enhancement to Wealthsqope, an industry leading client engagement platform, Portfolio At A Glance 2.0.   The new functionality delivers differentiated experiences by defined wealth management client segments and/or product types, allowing financial institutions to address the unique investing and relationship management needs of their clients.

“Every financial institution is looking to personalize their clients’ digital experiences and to best serve their clients,” said Joe Stensland, Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Wealth, Scivantage.  “With Portfolio At A Glance 2.0, financial institutions can easily configure clients’ digital accounts, whether they are Trust, Advised, Digital Advised, Retirement or Self-Directed, to present information that is most relevant to them in an integrated contextual digital presentation,” added Stensland.

This enhancement gives the financial institution the ability to execute its wealth management segmentation strategy by configuring a digital experience with differentiated branding, user experience design and feature alignment, and more for target client segments and/or products.  By allowing the financial institution to configure items such as, placement of page components, including/excluding specific components by product type (i.e. Advised vs. Trust) or develop new client segments or product types with unique digital experiences, the financial institution can create a truly branded digital client experience to establish competitive differentiation through multi-channel/segment product delivery and to drive new business growth.

Key features include:

  • New Page Default Designs and Features by Product Type – Fully Configurable to the Financial Institution’s Business and User Experience Preferences
  • Integrated Portfolio & Account Summary Performance Displays
  • Group Filter Display Options to View by Product Type (Investments, Retirement, Advised, Digital Advised and Trust)
  • Expanded Single Account View Showing Balances and Dynamic Component Displays by Product Type
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation and Historical Total Value Charts for Single and Multi-Account Viewing
  • Messaging Displays for Service and Basic Marketing (by Product Type) Messages
  • Top Holdings by Performance with Related Market News Delivery
  • Fully Mobile Responsive Page Delivery

“At Scivantage we continually strive to evolve our product in ways that help our clients address the changing needs and expectations of their investors, and to achieve success through marketplace differentiation and growth.   We feel these new capabilities will help firms accelerate these success drivers,“added Scott Freeland, SVP Head of Product, Digital Wealth, Scivantage.