New mobile functionality and user experience designed to enable Wealth Firms to better differentiate, scale and compete with digital offerings

Scivantage, a leading SaaS provider of Digital Wealth Management, Cost Basis and Information Reporting solutions, today announced a major update to its Wealthsqope Mobile app designed to enable wealth management firms to deliver robust mobile capabilities and further differentiate their competitive positioning. The new capabilities deliver significant improvements to the overall user experience including responsive display presentation by mobile device, interactive portfolio and account-level viewing features, enhanced contextual navigation and deeper views of the investor’s entire portfolio, all aimed at bringing investment information to the user instead of the user having to search for it.

“Digital is the new battlefield for wealth management firms, who historically have been laggards in the area of technology innovation,” said Joe Stensland, Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Wealth, Scivantage.  “To stay competitive, wealth management firms must provide a mobile client experience that is on par with or exceeds the clients’ digital expectations,” Stensland said.

Wealthsqope’s newly redesigned Mobile application offers improved mobile brokerage capabilities that deliver an increased level of sophistication and ease of use consumers have come to expect from large, retail digital experiences. Wealthsqope Mobile includes advanced features such as:

  • Relationship Dashboard View: Provides a single comprehensive view across all financial accounts making a client’s investment relationship with the financial institution easier to understand and navigate with direct access to account-level detail
  • New Product Display and Interaction Features: Offers intuitive, touchable charts and navigation commands allowing users to more easily view, interpret and take action across the app
  • Dynamic “Take Action” Functions: Gives the user the ability to act immediately on information presented (for example, get a quote or trade a specific holding when viewing their holdings)
  • Enhanced Research & Trading Experience: Persistent access across the app, globally and contextually, to perform investment research and quickly place a trade with order entry pre-fill
  • Markets & News Accessibility: Provides direct access to market performance and news in both authenticated and unauthenticated states, delivering quick access to relevant information

“At Scivantage we understand that client engagement is a primary objective for financial institutions for both client retention and growth.  Delivering Wealth Management solutions via multiple channels is imperative for our clients to be competitive,” said Scott Freeland, SVP of Digital Wealth Product, Scivantage. “A key aspect of engaging clients is providing a consistent experience with each touch point the end-investor has with the financial institution.  Delivering multi-device transparency aligns the user’s experience between web and mobile apps, making that experience unique to the financial institution, strengthening the firm’s brand and the client relationship,” added Freeland.

About Scivantage
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