The robust software development kit empowers financial firms with all the control, power and speed of Wealthsqope allowing digital product teams to maintain control over their digital strategies, drastically reducing time to market.

Scivantage®, a FinTech 100 technology provider of Digital Wealth Management, Cost Basis and Information Reporting solutions, introduced Wealthsqope Digital Developer at the In|Vest 2018 conference Disruptive Demos session in New York last Tuesday. Wealthsqope Digital Developer is a comprehensive toolkit combining UX widgets and web services with a middleware layer to help financial institutions quickly deploy web, mobile, voice and desktop experiences.

“Financial institutions are undergoing a digital transformation to deliver a seamless, unified client experience across products and channels. Historically they have had to choose between outsourcing the capability (and control) to a vendor, or, do a full internal build – leading to higher costs and an extended time to market,” said Joe Stensland, Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Wealth at Scivantage. “We created Wealthsqope Digital Developer to address this challenge. This robust software development kit provides the control of an internal build while leveraging the speed and power of Wealthsqope, an industry-proven client engagement platform, as the catalyst and foundation of their digital experiences,” added Stensland.

During the In|Vest 2018 presentation, Scivantage illustrated the power of Wealthsqope Digital Developer by building a Portfolio Overview page in under 8 minutes. In the real world this 8 minutes translates into days of development as opposed to the weeks, months, or even years it would typically take a team to build. The presentation demonstrated how Wealthsqope Digital Developer UX widgets and web services are combined with multiple pre-integrated back-end data sources and firm-specific business logic, letting Wealthsqope do all the “heavy lifting”. This reduces time to market and empowers financial firms’ technology resources to focus on value-add projects rather than spending precious time reinventing low-level functions.

In addition to the Wealthsqope widgets, Scivantage also demonstrated the ability to embed web components of its technology partners. This allows the financial institution to draw from a library beyond just Scivantage tools and expands the capabilities within the toolkit.

“Wealthsqope Digital Developer gives the financial institution’s product team full control over their digital experiences, slashing development time and effort by leveraging Wealthsqope’s powerful middleware and UX components,” added Stensland.

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About Scivantage

Scivantage® has had a long history in developing solutions that help financial institutions reach their goals, manage their businesses more efficiently and generate new revenue. Early in its history, Scivantage pioneered the development of web-based brokerage and wealth management systems, helping firms embrace and commercialize the nascent online brokerage opportunity. Today, Scivantage is committed to helping firms embrace the investors’ shift to a digital financial life – a new era marked by heightened expectations for user experience, functionality and technological empowerment.


Scivantage® is a FinTech 100 technology provider of Digital Wealth Management, Cost Basis and Information Reporting solutions. With proven expertise in online brokerage, tax and portfolio reporting, and wealth management applications, Scivantage delivers intelligent and actionable information that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional financial software, helping improve investment decisions. Leading financial institutions, including broker-dealers, mutual fund companies, bank custodians, trust and prime brokers, depend on Scivantage’s cloud-based technology to achieve critical business insights, generate new revenue and build stronger customer relationships. For more information, please visit or contact us at +1.646.452.0050.