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Do You Own Your Clients’ Digital Financial Life?

Today’s investor, whether a Millennial, Gen-Xer or Baby Boomer have heightened expectations for their online banking and investing experience.

They want to Own Their Digital Financial Lives.

Owning Their Digital Financial Lives Means:

Seeing how they are doing, across all their financial accounts in real time from any device.

Having access to data, insights and guidance that will improve investment outcomes and help them better manage risk.


Wealthsqope is the future of digital wealth management.

Wealthsqope provides investors with transparency and control of their investments, improves their performance and
provides unparalleled data and analytics-driven guidance and actionable ideas.


Wealthsqope is a powerful differentiator that places financial firms at the center of their clients’ Digital Financial Lives:

  • Increases client acquisition, retention and growth
  • Enables natural cross sell opportunities
  • Flexible, easily customizable technology to fit any firm’s business model
  • Available anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Supports full spectrum of Investment products and product channels
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To learn more about how Wealthsqope can help you engage clients, deepen relationships and grow your business, contact us at info@scivantage.com

Understanding Your Clients’ Shift Toward a “Digital Financial Life”




Comfortable living digitally and expect to manage all aspects of their financial lives online, from any device, anytime.
Increasingly autonomous in their decision making Many “collaborators” desire advice but equally desire complete control of their financial life and decisions.
Empowered (and desiring empowerment) by an ability to see their financial life holistically and clearly.


The Actualized Digital Financial Life era represents a leap forward in consumers’ expectations, and is defined by a range of functionality and user experience.

TRANSPARENCY They want real answers to questions about performance and costs, especially fees.
DATA AGGREGATION AND INSIGHTS All financial information needs to be consolidated and viewable easily through an app or portal.
INTUITIVE, EASY TO USE INTERFACE Digital experiences evolve rapidly creating an arms race for competing financial firms. The ease now of switching financial firms creates additional pressure. Clients expect an attractive and superior UI.
GUIDANCE Investors are increasingly taking a greater ownership role in managing their finances and many, especially Millennials, prefer technology to live person interaction. This includes receiving advice – they are looking for a collaborative relationship that goes beyond advice to help them become better informed and more confident investors.
TIMELINESS “Real Time” has to mean “instantly,” and it of course has to be accurate not an estimate.
RISK MANAGEMENT Central to all of these capabilities is the clients’ desire to anticipate and be prepared for what is coming next.

When asked to rank what they want most from a professional, investors most frequently say they want help making more informed decisions about their investments.

They also want better solutions for managing risks, help setting goals and plans, proactive advice on what to do next and new online tools.

– Natixis 2016 Investor Survey


Wealthsqope’s design philosophy incorporates all of these concepts and much more to provide
clients with a rich, intuitive user experience that places the information they want at their fingertips.