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How to Service the Mass Affluent while Remaining Profitable

September 19th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

Financial firms are faced with the challenge of not only targeting top-tier wealth, but also capturing the masses in order to remain profitable. The mass affluent segment (comprising individuals having US$100,000 to US$1 million of investable assets) owns over 42% of global wealth, making this segment responsible for a majority of the world’s investable assets… Read More »

    Cost Basis Reporting Takeaway: Identifying Debt

    September 11th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

    The operational challenges of cost basis reporting compliance have not yet fully abated. “There will likely be a tsunami of calls from confused investors who don’t understand their tax reports and some incorrect reporting by financial firms which will need to redo their work,” describes cost basis expert Bob Linville, Scivantage Director of Product Management,… Read More »

      Leveraging Data and Investment Planning Tools to Increase Platform Value

      September 4th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

      Looking back at the past few years, wealth management firms have had to focus a great amount of time and resources on compliance and regulatory mandates. Now that compliance challenges have begun to alleviate and wealth management firms have systems in place to meet regulatory requirements, a new challenge has risen. How do firms remain… Read More »

        Cost Basis Reporting Takeaway: FinOps Reports on the “Final Lap” of Regulations

        August 15th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

        While Phase III Cost Basis Reporting regulations were implemented in January 1, 2014, firms are still grappling with the operational toll of compliance, particularly as it relates to simple debt instruments. In this in-depth FinOps Report piece, industry expert Bob Linville, Director of Product Management at Scivantage, takes a focused look at the final phase… Read More »

          Upcoming Webinar with Celent – “The Race for Retail Investor Assets: Leveraging Analytics to Transform the Online Investment Experience” Register Today!

          August 14th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

          The needs of the retail investor are rapidly changing as technological advances continue to push the boundaries of investment transparency, and social interaction.  With increased competition, the race for investor assets has never been more intense and it has financial institutions searching for new and innovative ways to transform their online investment experience.  From advanced… Read More »

            Scivantage Launches New Performance Reporting Tool for the Retail Investor, with a Social Twist

            July 21st, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

            With over 41 million traders and $1.8 trillion in assets, according to recent Aite Group research, the retail investor landscape is not only changing, but vastly growing in scope. In order to compete, and grow greater share of wallet, firms are placing a renewed focus on achieving scalability, while delivering tools and services that are… Read More »

              Unified Wealth Management: Bridging the Client Engagement Gap

              July 2nd, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

              The evolution of the wealth management industry continues to transform client engagement as firms face increased competition in retaining and growing next generation assets. In this new era of always-on Investment Services, where web, mobile, tablet and social channels intersect, a comprehensive digital strategy is essential to delivering a unified wealth management experience that is… Read More »

                Innovation Meets Opportunity: Scivantage Launches FinTech Incubator

                June 9th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

                Over the past decade, our lives have been positively impacted in almost every facet through technological innovation. Whether it is how we communicate with one another, how our food is grown and delivered, or the tremendous strides taken in developing and consuming alternative energy sources, technological innovation has paved the way for a more efficient… Read More »

                  Upcoming BISA Webinar – “A Tactical Framework: Integrating the Online Channel into your Wealth Management Strategy” Register Today!

                  May 6th, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour

                  As the self-directed channel continues to grow, particularly among the newer segment of investors, it’s imperative for banks and brokerages to have a platform which is easy to use and provides a seamless end user experience. Register today and join industry experts Chris Psaltos, Scivantage Vice President of Product Management, Sophie Schmitt, Wealth Management Analyst… Read More »

                    Scivantage Receives Two Nominations for 2014 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards

                    May 2nd, 2014    Published by Dina Charchour
                    FTF Awards

                    Scivantage is honored to have been nominated for the 2014 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards for Scivantage Maxit® in the category of Best Regulatory Compliance Solution; and Scivantage Investor™ Mobile in the category of Best Cutting-Edge Solution. Presented by Financial Technologies Forum and FTF News, the Technology Innovation Awards recognize information technology firms and service… Read More »

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