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Our Mission: Create Referenceable Clients

January 15th, 2016    Published by

Most companies, when they start out, focus on defining their mission to the point that they document it and communicate it to their employees and clients. Their missions are usually well thought out, detailed, and inspirational…if you can remember them. I’ve found that many companies, in order to capture everything they want to be for… Read More »

1099 Commentary: How Should Brokers Report Consent Payments

October 27th, 2015    Published by

If you have ever invested in a bond, you will know that the terms of the bond are spelled out in excruciating detail:  excruciating detail:  the principal amount of the issue, the interest rate that will be paid, the first date that the bond begins to earn interest, the dates that interest will be paid,… Read More »

The 2 A’s in SaaS

October 23rd, 2015    Published by

The two A’s are the connective tissue that makes the link between software and service. They must be tenuous always and have a cartilage like texture at other times. While always connected, they are never rigid and hard and must have a level of flexibility to make the connection between software and service work right.… Read More »

Balancing Relationship Management And Stockholm Syndrome

September 29th, 2015    Published by

On the business side of your company lies what I have always felt were the most difficult functions to perform in corporate America, the role of Relationship Management. Your Relationship Managers (RM’s) have the unenviable task of keeping your clients happy in all phases of the relationship. This includes dealing with escalated issues around support,… Read More »

Using Ansible for Automation

September 23rd, 2015    Published by

It is release night – time to take the changes you’ve been working on for weeks, and turn them loose on the Web. The client is eager to use their new features, and you’re ready to show them off. So you flip the switch, and… Wait, that’s not what it’s supposed to do! How is… Read More »

Can Operations Drive Growth?

September 17th, 2015    Published by

Someone asked me recently, “How did you win an award for ‘responsible growth’ while in an Operations role?”  I loved the question for a number of reasons, but mostly because it came from a sales guy and because he seemed genuinely perplexed.  I had a good answer, but it wasn’t entirely thought out and has… Read More »

Making the Case for the Business Case

September 14th, 2015    Published by

So much of what is perceived to be real in business turns out to be a smoke screen or some distorted reality. Nowhere is this more evident than in the promise of new technology. Entrepreneurs see what they feel is a problem or need to be filled, so they march onward to create the solution.… Read More »

Others Have Customers, We Have Clients

September 9th, 2015    Published by

At most of the companies I’ve worked, I’ve asked my team members a simple question. What do you call the people that pay us to perform our services? In every case I’ve gotten different answers, with the most common answer being of course…Customers. I’ve debated the semantics of what a company should call these people… Read More »

When Selecting a Business Partner, Avoid the Dreaded Loop of Mediocrity

August 17th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

The choice is more than a simple decision. In my career, I have been fortunate to have been involved with countless business partnerships and have learned valuable lessons from each. Selecting the right company to do business with is a monumental event that has far reaching impacts from enabling future success, ensuring failure or even worse – creating a loop of mediocrity. We work hard to be a partner to our clients. As our prospective clients work through the selection process for our products and services, we try to communicate that they are selecting more than the software product they see before them. They are selecting our entire company, our values, experience, and most importantly our people…

Security Education and Awareness: Content

August 10th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

So many of today’s headlines talk of security breaches, most recently the Federal Government experienced one of its largest breaches to date with the theft of billions of personal records for employees, contractors, etc. At the core of most of these incidents, is a lack of education and awareness within the teams that support and administer the systems as well as the user community. Developing a Security education program is an ever-evolving and changing aspect of an organization’s overall Security methodology. You cannot just train once and forget about it, most security compliancy and governances mandate, at a minimum, a yearly training targeted at your employees, users and pretty much anyone that has anything to do with your organization. From the receptionist all the way to the CEO, no one is exempt. Everyone has an important part to play.

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