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When Selecting a Business Partner, Avoid the Dreaded Loop of Mediocrity

August 17th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

The choice is more than a simple decision. In my career, I have been fortunate to have been involved with countless business partnerships and have learned valuable lessons from each. Selecting the right company to do business with is a monumental event that has far reaching impacts from enabling future success, ensuring failure or even worse – creating a loop of mediocrity. We work hard to be a partner to our clients. As our prospective clients work through the selection process for our products and services, we try to communicate that they are selecting more than the software product they see before them. They are selecting our entire company, our values, experience, and most importantly our people…

Security Education and Awareness: Content

August 10th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

So many of today’s headlines talk of security breaches, most recently the Federal Government experienced one of its largest breaches to date with the theft of billions of personal records for employees, contractors, etc. At the core of most of these incidents, is a lack of education and awareness within the teams that support and administer the systems as well as the user community. Developing a Security education program is an ever-evolving and changing aspect of an organization’s overall Security methodology. You cannot just train once and forget about it, most security compliancy and governances mandate, at a minimum, a yearly training targeted at your employees, users and pretty much anyone that has anything to do with your organization. From the receptionist all the way to the CEO, no one is exempt. Everyone has an important part to play.

Client Relationships: What’s Our Score?

August 5th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

Anyone who knows me knows that I have high expectations. Striving for perfection and a controlled environment is something that is comforting to me. There isn’t usually a day that goes by that I don’t think (or act) in that manner. However, business doesn’t always happen that way, I get that. Yet it is still important in our careers to strive for something better and score yourself on the progress (or lack thereof) that you have made. “What’s our score” is something that should be in all of our minds as we manage our business and our client relationships. A client scorecard is something that helps do just that. Particularly as a business or department is working towards transformation, change and improvement. A scorecard can help highlight areas that still need improvement so that actionable steps can be taken to get better and drive client growth. Here are the three steps to building a client scorecard…

Robo Advisor: Not Just Another Robo Article

August 3rd, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

By the time you finished your coffee this morning you probably already read a dozen headlines about Robo Advisors. And possibly, by the time you have your second cup there could even be a dozen new robo startups. We’ve all read about how robos are going to put traditional advisors out of business; or, revolutionize the business for those same advisors (indeed, there are many camps in between). This is not another article about automated advice or about the war of words between Wealthfront and Betterment and Schwab and Vanguard and, well, anyone else for that matter. This article isn’t about questioning how automated investments will perform during a market correction, debating whether allocating a significant portion of portfolios to cash is good or bad, or examining whether automated tax loss harvesting is diametrically opposed to Buffet’s (or Graham’s) investment philosophy. It’s definitely not an article about how Millennials are reshaping the investment world.

Portfolio Analytics 101: A Critical Component of Higher DARTs

July 29th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

Diligent portfolio management is critical to successful investment, but in an era of high-frequency trading and information overload, retail investors risk missing out on many opportunities to trade if they have to analyze their portfolios manually. In fact, retail investors who make more than 500 trades a year would do so more often if they… Read More »

The 2nd ‘S’ in SaaS

July 27th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

SaaS is here to stay. It’s the norm. It had an understandably measured start, with many financial institutions reluctant to embrace it in its early years. However, today SaaS is widely accepted in all verticals because the benefits are numerous, not the least of which being that SaaS allows businesses to do what they do best.

Security! Core Components to a Sound Security Methodology

July 22nd, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

Security. That word alone can be so daunting… and the perfect implementation of Security practices in an organization can at times seem like an insurmountable task. Security is all about a methodology based on common practices that we, as users, already know and adhere to. The four essential elements of this are…

Cost Basis Reporting: Beyond Cost and Straight to Reporting

July 21st, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

As the investment industry continues meet IRS reporting requirements, firms face increasing costs for this regulatory compliance. Some firms are hoping to reduce resource requirements using additional automation for items such as corporate actions. Others are asking, “How else can I leverage my cost basis data to make this investment more valuable?” If your firm is grappling with either of these concerns, consider Scivantage Maxit.

An Eye on my ROI

July 20th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

I just turned 50. The big five-O. I can’t believe it. Even more than that, I can’t believe the things this “milestone” is forcing me to think about. All the fun things I’ve done, and what should that list of fun things include in chapter two? Followed by, “How do I get more money to do those fun things?” And then, “Have I saved enough money for retirement?” And finally, “crap.”

So, savings. I’ve read all kinds of tips on how to become a better saver. And part two of that equation, how to make those savings grow. Being a Bostonian, I really want to make those savings grow wicked good. Wicked pissa growth is what I want, frankly. Part three of the recipe is what’s the maximum “growth rate” I can achieve, am I achieving it, and if not, why not? My broker tells me that, right? Not really.

Relationship Management: Please don’t call us a Vendor, we want to be your Partner

July 13th, 2015    Published by Elena Hassan

I cringe when I hear a customer describe our relationship with them as vendor-based. The term “vendor” is often used to describe a person that sells something on the street, or a business that simply sells a product or service. Wow, I know I certainly don’t want to be thought of as just that. We want to do so much more for our customers, don’t we?

To be viewed as a partner is the ultimate achievement for any relationship. Thinking back to my Miller Heiman training earlier in my career, to be a partner meant that you were at a four or five on the Buy-Sell hierarchy. You were contributing and helping to solve a customer’s business issue or remedying an organizational challenge.

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