Upcoming Webinar with KPMG & SunGard Wall Street Concepts – “The Time is Now: Mobilizing for Fixed Income & Options Reporting Requirements” Register Today!

Even as the industry moves through the current 1099 tax reporting season, firms should keep a keen eye on the final phase of the cost basis rules covering fixed income and options. At present, the industry is eager for the final Phase III regulations to be released from the IRS and the ongoing uncertainty about the final requirements is weighing on concerned firms. However, there are preparations to be made in advance of receiving the final regulations, as well as immediate steps to consider when they are formally released.

Join Artie Wolk, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy at SunGard Wall Street Concepts, Deanna Flores, Principal, KPMG Washington National Tax Office, and Greg Alves, Senior Vice President, Investment Reporting at Scivantage as they share their thoughts on this tax reporting season and offer critical insight into preparing for the release of the final regulations for fixed income and options.

This interactive, one-hour webinar will cover lessons learned and success stories from Phases I and II, as well as dive into Phase III to ensure your firm is fully mobilized for a successful 2014. For brokerage firms and banking institutions alike, continually improving the client investment experience is arguably the most essential element in gaining or maintaining a competitive edge. In today’s world, a comprehensive digital strategy now requires a unified approach and an integrated view of online, mobile, and social community channels.

Key topics to be covered during this webinar include:

•  Lesson learned from Phases I and II
•  Insight into Phase III’s Fixed Income and Options requirements
•  Readiness Assessment – Key factors to consider for Phase III
•  Question & Answer session where the experts answer your questions!

You can register here for full access to listen on Wednesday, March 20, at 4:00 PM EST.

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