Upcoming Webinar with Celent – “Defining a Digital Brokerage Strategy: Improve the Client Investment Experience across Mobile & Social Channels” Register Today!

For brokerage firms and banking institutions alike, continually improving the client investment experience is arguably the most essential element in gaining or maintaining a competitive edge. In today’s world, a comprehensive digital strategy now requires a unified approach and an integrated view of online, mobile, and social community channels.

The ubiquitous nature of smartphone and tablet technologies and the growing reliance on community recommendations and support, provide a tremendous opportunity to improve the way firms interact and connect with their customers.  This webinar session will address the trends driving this new age of digital strategy, as well as give insights into how you can leverage it to grow your online brokerage channel.

Join industry experts Isabella Fonseca, Research Director, Celent, Don Baron, Director of Business Development at Get Satisfaction, and Chris Psaltos, Vice President, Product Management, Scivantage as they discuss this integration opportunity both from a technology perspective as well as a client experience perspective.

Key topics to be covered during this webinar include:

  • What “digital strategy” really means and how to harness the power of each channel
  • Discover why mobile trading has quickly become the next frontier in online brokerage services—and why it is essential for future growth
  • Learn about the impact mobile technology will have on the investor experience and hear how leading brokerage firms are using mobile access as a competitive differentiator
  • Gain insight into the latest mobile and social support technologies designed to improve the client experience

You can register here for full access to listen on Thursday, January 31, at 4:00 PM EST.

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