Transcending Technology – The Scivantage “R”evolution

Since its inception 14 years ago, Scivantage has strived to deliver best-in-breed solutions to the financial services industry. We started with a vision to redefine and streamline the way financial institutions, financial professionals and their clients transact business and transformed that spark of an idea into an explosive opportunity that ultimately transforms the way our clients interact and make decisions. Within the past 15 months, we earned a significant amount of recognition throughout the industry and last year marked one of Scivantage’s most notable time periods in its history, as we reached new heights which are reflected through the below accomplishments:

  • – Recognized as an industry leader in eight industry awards/rankings including the Global FinTech 100 rankings, the 2014 BISA innovation award for advancements in brokerage technology and named to the 2013 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.
  • – Completed one strategic partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions  and the acquisition of Portfolio Director, strengthening our overall offering to the market
  • – Three cutting-edge product innovations and enhancements released, providing clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace

We recently held our 2014 annual company update meeting where the senior executive team unveiled our new mission, vision and corporate values for the company. During the meeting, our CEO, Adnane Charchour, posed a great question to our 250+ employees – have we evolved? He went on to explain that while we have evolved, as both a company and as an industry, it’s not about just continuing that evolution, but rather starting a revolution. Scivantage has embarked on a revolution in the way that we think about the future of the company and the way our products and services empower our clients.

As Adnane commented, “Since the founding of Scivantage in 2000, our vision has evolved as the company continues to challenge itself to reach ambitious milestones year-over-year. For over a decade, we have delivered unparalleled technology solutions to the industry, and as an organization we have transcended into new heights, enabling our clients to achieve their business objectives. It is our new mission, vision and corporate values that will empower us to break outside of the ordinary and deliver disruptive innovations that know no boundaries.”

It is in this spirit that we announce our new company tagline, Scivantage, transcending technology. Scivantage built its business on successfully reducing operational costs for clients through automation, integration and processing transactions. As we move into our next phase of growth, we’re no longer just focused on these key areas of the business, instead we are now moving beyond technology and providing solutions based on actionable information and data that enchant our clients and put the right insight in their fingertips to drive better decision-making.

Our new vision to reimagine the future with transformative information technology is evident through the recent launch of our Next Generation Scivantage Investor Platform. We recognize the need to positively transform the future of our clients businesses and that of their customers by delivering products that enable them to achieve critical business insights, generate new revenue and build stronger customer relationships.

To learn more about our new mission, vision and corporate values, check out our new company video and stay tuned to our blog for updates!




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