The Wealth Management Industry Has Spoken: The Need for a Self-Directed Option is on the Rise!

We had a great opportunity to interact with the wealth management community during a recent Webinar that we co-hosted with Aite Group on the topic of the self-directed investor through live polling of the attendees. We weren’t at all surprised when the results showed that there’s a growing interest from wealth management firms in either enhancing an existing self-directed solution or adding this offering as an option. In fact, more than half (53%) of the respondents said this!

In addition, 52% of the respondents said that an online investing offering is important to their client acquisition and retention strategy, which shows that this new channel is growing and will become an essential part of a wealth management firms’ offering.


To support this, a total of 57% of the live poll participants have noted that investors are increasingly requesting advanced online trading, along with standard online services, mobile capabilities and additional customer services.


With more investors seeking control of their portfolios post the 2008 economic crisis, the need for a self-directed option has become a rapidly increasing pressure for investment managers. Are you seeing the same trends? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Listen to the full recording of our webinar on the self-directed channel’s effect on the wealth management market or read the research report from Aite Group titled “Blurring The Lines: The Impact and Importance of Self-Directed Investing in Wealth Management”.

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