Portfolio Analytics 101: A Critical Component of Higher DARTs

In response to the need for speed, a range of automated software suites have emerged in recent years to streamline the portfolio analytics process for retail investors. Analytics suites save traders time, encouraging them to trade more often. As a result, a sophisticated analytics suite can drive up DARTs and increase a brokerage’s total revenue.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sqope

Advanced performance measurement and portfolio analytics were once costly offerings that brokerages could only deliver to large institutional and high-net-worth investors; however in recent years, retail investors have increasingly demanded these same sophisticated tools. Brokerages haven’t been able to meet these demands in full because existing performance measurement technologies were not sufficiently scalable to offset […]

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Hybrid Service: Expanding Brokerage Offerings and Value for Self-Directed Investors

Chris Psaltos, Vice President of Product Management at Scivantage, contributes to VantagePoint, with a look at hybrid service models in the wealth management space. As investor demands continue to rapidly evolve, technology has been placed at the forefront of debates in the wealth management industry. The technological progression has some people predicting a robo-advisor take over; however, many […]

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Robo-Advisors Need Advisors, Too.

The rise of the robo-advisor is often portrayed as the end of the traditional financial advisor. However, our recent webinar, in collaboration with Aite Group, titled “Unifying the Advisor and Investor Experience: The Rise of Client-Centric Wealth Management,” tells a much more complex story about the future of the wealth management industry. The webinar, which was […]

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OptionsPlay Ideas Powers Increased Trading Volume for Leading Broker-Dealer

As part of our latest Scivantage case study, a full service broker dealer was seeking a solution to extend transaction activity and satisfy the growing needs of its active traders. The company turned to OptionsPlay® Ideas through Scivantage to deliver an innovative tool suite that would provide a streamlined, intuitive market research experience, with functionality configured […]

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The Role of Analytics in Transforming Market Data

As advisors and investors look to technology for added efficiency and increased information/education in trading, analytics play a critical role in the trade process by transforming market data into intelligent and actionable information. In the United States alone, the number of traders has more than doubled over the past 10 years, with active traders and […]

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The Evolving ‘Sqope’ of the Retail Market

Retail investors have continued to expand in sheer numbers and levels of technological sophistication over the last several years. According to recent Celent data, the retail investor market is estimated to make up 38% of the current US adult population, with self-directed investors growing at a quicker rate then non-self directed investors. The expanded use […]

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Mobile Expansion, More Than Just a Rallying Call

Digital technology continues to expand with remarkable speed and ever-broadening scope across a number of technologies, devices, and channels.  As it does, it is rapidly and permanently altering consumer’s expectations about their relationships with financial institutions. The mobile channel, in particular, has become ubiquitous in the financial services sector—according to the Federal Reserve’s 2014 Consumers […]

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RECAP – The Race for Retail Investor Assets: Leveraging Analytics to Transform the Online Investment Experience

While the growing retail investor segment gains increasing market and technology sophistication, the online investment experience is being transformed to meet a litany of client concerns and expectations—among these are transparency, account aggregation, social investment, and greater self-service capabilities. Performance reporting has emerged as an answer to these calls, bringing higher levels of analysis and […]