Using Ansible for Automation

Ansible is a tool for automating the setup of servers. Instead of manually installing software, setting permissions, and editing config files, you describe these steps in a “playbook”, and then run it.

Making the Case for the Business Case

In the enterprise and infrastructure software space, innovation is slower and development more costly. Still, users and purchasers of technology get excited about the promise of new technology and the positive effect they hope it will provide to them as well as their businesses.

Security Education and Awareness: Content

So many of today’s headlines talk of security breaches, most recently the Federal Government experienced one of its largest breaches to date with the theft of billions of personal records for employees, contractors, etc. At the core of most of these incidents, is a lack of education and awareness within the teams that support and administer the systems as well as the user community.

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The 2nd ‘S’ in SaaS

SaaS is here to stay. It’s the norm. It had an understandably measured start, with many financial institutions reluctant to embrace it in its early years. However, today SaaS is widely accepted in all verticals because the benefits are numerous, not the least of which being that SaaS allows businesses to do what they do best.

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Security! Core Components to a Sound Security Methodology

Security. That word alone can be so daunting… and the perfect implementation of Security practices in an organization can at times seem like an insurmountable task. Security is all about a methodology based on common practices that we, as users, already know and adhere to.