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Mutual fund companies and asset management firms are facing new and more complex challenges from their clients, competitors and regulators. Technology is playing a fundamental role in helping firms to rise to these challenges and differentiate themselves from the competition in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market. Whether your firm is looking to improve investor confidence, extend shareholder communication efforts or increase asset retention, Scivantage offers a variety of solutions to help mutual fund companies and asset management firms support their strategic and operational needs.

From the latest in front office tax management capabilities to back-office cost basis automation systems, Scivantage provides proven end-to-end solutions that drive profitability by automating back-office processes‒ensuring data accuracy, increasing enterprise efficiency, reducing exposure to risk and improving customer service. Through our comprehensive Maxit suite, mutual fund companies can provide their clients with a full set of online tools to track capital gains, automate portfolio and tax reporting and proactively manage investment tax decisions.

Scivantage Maxit
Comprehensive, automated cost basis and portfolio reporting system that delivers a full range of wealth management tools to help individual investors, operations personnel and shareholder services track capital gains, generate Schedule D for tax filing and improve investment tax decisions.
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