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Whether your firm is looking to complement an existing online strategy or start from scratch, Scivantage® offers a full suite of modular, online brokerage solutions to help brokerages, banks and clearing firms attract, retain and grow client investment assets.

Scivantage Investor™ is a comprehensive customer service and advanced trading online brokerage solution that delivers personalized, on-demand access to high-quality, powerful investment applications and real-time information retail investors need to proactively manage their investments. From automated account opening, advanced trade order processing and electronic money movement options to comprehensive cost basis reporting and financial planning tools, Scivantage Investor is an online brokerage solution designed to attract and retain customers, strengthen a firm’s brand and support the complex investment needs of even the most active investors.

With a single click, investors can experience a world of unlimited possibilities; view balances, execute sophisticated trades, get the pulse of the market, open new accounts and even manage their lifetime investment goals—all from their personal computer, wireless device or telephone.

This highly configurable, online brokerage solution offers a number of rapid deployment options at a fraction of the typical costs and implementation time. Our solutions are designed to be compatible with all major and proprietary back office systems and are flexible to ensure your firm’s unique brand and strategy needs are supported.

Key Advantages

  • Highly customizable, turnkey solution delivers a world class online customer experience at a fraction of the cost and implementation time
  • Real-time access to account and investment information drives high-touch collaboration with financial advisor channel
  • Cutting-edge fraud prevention features serve to build customer confidence and drive growth of the online channel
  • Sophisticated trading and research tools and seamless integration with third-party content providers offers immediate competitive advantage
  • Compatible with all major and proprietary back office systems, with out-of-the-box integration to Thomson Reuters BETA Systems, Broadridge, Pershing and National Financial

Turnkey Solution
Compatible with all major and proprietary back office systems, with out-of-the-box integration to Thomson Reuters Beta Systems, Broadridge, Pershing and National Financial
Fully branded site which can be configured to match a firm’s specific client needs and branding strategy
Modular design offers flexibility and seamless integration options with existing systems and third-party content and application providers
Trade Processing
Comprehensive order entry and processing capabilities
Supports trading of equities, mutual funds, ETFs and options
Complex options trading and advanced equities trading strategies including: Multi-leg options strategies; Contingent Orders; Trailing Stops; One-Triggers-Another; One-Cancels Another and more.
Account Access
Real-Time access to balances, positions, account activity and order status
Asset allocation capabilities including rebalancing, one-click trades and investment profiles
Consolidation and display of accounts held outside of primary back office
Other Features
Full suite of mobile-enabled applications offer convenient access to account and portfolio information, including real-time views into balances, positions and order status, as well as the ability to execute trades, while on the go.
Comprehensive money movement options: ACH, transfers, wires and check requests
Electronic delivery of trade confirms, statements and 1099 forms
Premium research solutions from Interactive Data® and Morningstar®
Comprehensive anti-fraud solutions including Automated Trade Review, Multi-Factor Login Authentication, Complex password requirements and more.
OFX download services to popular programs such as Quicken®, Microsoft Money and TurboTax®
Account Opening & Maintenance

Automated account opening and maintenance application provides real-time account establishment and management of all types of brokerage accounts.

Trade Processing

Comprehensive order entry and processing application that supports trading of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and options—advanced and premium trading tools are also available.

Advanced Trading: Conditional Orders

Available as a premium service of Scivantage Trade Processing, Conditional Orders automates the submission and cancellation of trade orders when pre-set criteria are met.

Advanced Trading: Complex Options

Available as a premium service of Scivantage Trade Processing, Complex Options order entry allows investors to trade a variety of equity option strategies including spreads, straddles, covered calls, strangles and other multiple legged option strategies.


Scivantage makes it easy and cost-effective to deliver personalized, brokerage services to the range of mobile devices used by today's investors, including iOS and Android devices. A feature rich, HTML5-based trading and investment account management platform, Investor Mobile links to your order routing and back office management systems, allowing clients to access up-to-the-minute account details, real-time quotes and trading tools, while maintaining a consistent user experience with your online brokerage channel.

Electronic Money Movement

Real-time account funding application that automates the cash transfer process between financial institutions providing a more efficient, easier way to move money between bank and brokerage accounts.

Automated Trade Review

Automated decision processing through a real-time, dynamic and configurable rules engine that automates the process of pre-trade review and approval, order routing and exception processing.

Cost Basis & Portfolio Reporting (via Scivantage Maxit)

Automated cost basis reporting and real-time, tax-based investment decision support to help advisors track capital gains, generate Schedule D for tax filing and improve investment tax decisions.

Account Access & Management

Account access and management application that provides immediate access to critical account information, such as balances, positions, account activity and order status.

Multi-factor Authentication & Security

Available as a premium service of Scivantage Investor, Multi-factor authentication delivers multi-layered security to your online channel including challenge questions, on-screen keypad and unique security images.

Electronic Notification & Alerts

Real-time messaging center and alerts application provides consolidated view of all messages and communications through a single, actionable and auditable Inbox.

SDX for TurboTax® & Quicken®

Utilizing Scivantage’s Data Exchange (SDX) for TurboTax®, financial institutions can now enable their customers to seamlessly download all of their critical financial information into TurboTax® and Quicken®

Speech IVR

A convenient and easy-to-use touch-tone phone service that provides investors with fast and easy around-the-clock access to their investments.

Online Document Delivery

Secure, electronic delivery and management of trade confirms, statements and 1099s.

Research & Market Data

Integrated access to premium research & real-time market information that investors need to stay current on the latest market movements.

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