Q&A Spotlight: An Extension into Performance Reporting

Scivantage has recently acquired Portfolio Director, a leading supplier of investment management technology products, from Scottrade Financial Services, Inc. The acquisition marks a significant expansion into advanced performance reporting offerings by Scivantage.
Steve Walkenbach, President of Malbec, LLC, a subsidiary of Scivantage, discusses the firm’s acquisition and its expansion into performance reporting.

Q. What is Portfolio Director?
A. Portfolio Director specializes in advanced performance management technology that services investment professionals and individual investors worldwide. The firm offers two primary product suites with enhanced performance reporting capabilities – Portfolio Director WEB and Portfolio Director DESKTOP. Portfolio Director WEB is designed for financial advisors and investors seeking a web-based service solution. Portfolio Director DESKTOP focuses on sophisticated small-shop financial advisors; it is more of an “umbrella solution” application which enables advisors to manage client investment data and produce professional-quality reports.

Q. Why the acquisition?
A. This acquisition is a natural progression of our offerings. There is a significant opportunity to provide portfolio analytics, specifically performance reporting, to a large segment of the market. Traditionally, this type of analysis has been accessible to high net worth investors or top producing advisors. We believe we can use our technology to bring it to a larger segment in a cost effective model.

Q. How will Scivantage leverage the acquisition?
A. We are always looking to build on our core expertise and provide clients with innovative, automated solutions that grow their businesses. With Portfolio Director, Scivantage will extend its advanced performance reporting capabilities for both investment advisors and individual retail investors.

Q. What does the future of performance reporting look like for Scivantage?
A. Our clients and partners remain our top priority and we are thrilled to be able to successfully deliver a solution that addresses one of their most common requests. Investors have long sought both a meaningful way to measure their performance and to have actionable tools for improving upon past performance. We plan on making several product enhancements, including the ability to create customized reports that can be delivered in a compelling, user-friendly format. Ultimately, our goal is to enable customers to better manage their investments and by adding Portfolio Director as our fourth product, alongside Scivantage Investor™, Scivantage Professional™ and Scivantage Maxit®, we are confident in the firm’s abilities to continue to provide clients with the innovative solutions needed to meet these demands.

For more information on the Portfolio Director acquisition, please read our recent press announcement.

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