Portfolio Management Solutions: DESKTOP vs. WEB

As the wealth management space continues to adopt more digital platforms and technologies, access to portfolio information is becoming quicker and more transparent. To help meet these trends, portfolio management offerings need to deliver the flexibility and convenience that financial advisors need to oversee their clients’ investment data, as well as optimize portfolio performance and customer satisfaction. Here is a quick rundown on available service solutions within the portfolio management umbrella.

Desktop based solutions, such as Portfolio Director DESKTOP, are designed for small-shop financial advisors and functions as desktop applications for managing investors’ data and producing high quality reports. These platforms provide clear, concise methods for overseeing multiple accounts under a single umbrella; in this way, advisors can easily set up new accounts and manage existing ones, allowing them flexibility and control across key areas of portfolio management, including data analysis, client billing and benchmarking.

Alternatively, offerings such as Portfolio Director WEB deliver similar flexibility and ease, but are designed specifically for financial advisors seeking a web-based solution. Through the expanded access offered by an online platform, both advisors and their clients have direct access to the site through a secure web connection. The virtual outsourcing of the portfolio back-office provides an innovative solution for increasing client engagement and account management.

Through these two primary product suites, portfolio management solutions empower financial advisors and their clients with greater control over their investments; and given the increased role of on-the-go technologies and advanced user interfaces, these solutions represent two key offerings in today’s industry. “Scivantage is committed to providing financial professionals with meaningful, actionable tools for managing their portfolio assets and optimizing their performance,” said Chuck Kuntz, Senior Platform Operations Specialist at Scivantage. “The ability to access account information in a compelling, easy-to-use format on either a desktop or a web-based service is a simple solution for advisors and clients looking for efficiency, reliability and security in their account access and management, and through these offerings, Scivantage continues to stand at the forefront of meeting industry needs.”

Both DESKTOP and WEB provide a variety of advanced functionalities and customization options in client billing, benchmarking, portfolio rebalancing, regulatory reporting, trade information and technical support and both represent valuable alternatives in investment management software.

What portfolio system best suits your business needs? A full comparison of both products is available here.

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