OptionsPlay® Ideas, Latest Addition to Scivantage Investment Platform

As the self-directed channel continues to grow, banks and brokerages are seeking additional tools to empower active investors in order to both gather and retain assets in this highly competitive market. This task comes with its own challenges. In addition to staying competitive and capturing younger generations of investors, firms need to address plateauing profits and look for new creative sources of revenue.

In this pursuit, firms have placed increasing importance on technology solutions as transaction drivers to grow their business. Likewise, the growing retail investor segment is looking for a pathfinder to affordable and intelligent investment opportunities to realize their full trading potential. Providing innovative, user-centered investment tools while staying compliant with industry regulations has become key.

Newly introduced OptionsPlay® Ideas provides investors with a unique visualization of unbiased technical and fundamental equity analysis, enabling investors to research and identify equities and options trading opportunities, as well as execute on complex investment strategies. Powered by innovative analytics, intuitive visuals and Natural Language Processing, OptionsPlay Ideas is built to simplify investment decision making and enable financial institutions to generate new revenue and build stronger customer relationships.

To learn more about the availability of OptionsPlay Ideas through Scivantage’s Investment Platform, visit www.scivantage.com/optionsplay.


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