Cost Basis Reporting Webinar – Nov 19th @ 4 PM EST

Changing Regulatory Landscape: Requirements Every Financial Institution Must Address to Comply With Mandatory Reporting Rules

Live Webinar Event: Wednesday, Nov. 19 @ 4:00 PM EST

In just a short time, brokerage firms and mutual fund companies will be required to track and report adjusted cost basis to both their clients and the IRS. Doing so will require major system upgrades to support corporate action adjustments, wash sale treatment, and proper lot relief methodologies. Failure to properly address even a single component of cost basis will result in significant penalties and disgruntled clients.

Scivantage, a leader in providing automated, adjusted cost basis solutions to the financial services community, will host an in-depth discussion on the new legislation and provide insight into how the latest technology innovations can help ensure your firm is ready to comply.

Register today for this free, live webinar to take a closer look at how Scivantage’s Maxit solution can help reduce operational costs, deliver a substantial competitive advantage and ensure compliance in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Key topics covered during this webinar will include:

  • Discover key aspects of this new legislation and uncover mandatory changes that will require immediate attention
  • Learn how some leading firms are quickly gaining a cost basis advantage, regardless of the legislative mandate
  • Gain an understanding of the complex data management model required to comply and see why Maxit is the industry’s most accurate solution
  • Examine an effective implementation model – 5 keys questions to determine your firm’s readiness

* Complimentary Cost Basis Reporting Readiness White Paper — All webinar attendees will receive a free copy of our Cost Basis Readiness White Paper, which provides a roadmap for financial executives formulating new cost basis strategies in this new era.

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