Celebrating 15 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Since Scivantage was founded 15 years ago, technology has brought rapid change and innovation to financial services – and as we embark on this milestone anniversary year, Scivantage continues to lead the way in this transformation. Our delivery of high performance products and services that go beyond the boundaries of traditional offerings has allowed Scivantage to redefine and streamline the way that financial institutions, professionals and their clients transact business.

Scivantage was built on the vision of bringing the best products to market, and for the past 15 years, this vision has not changed. At each point in our journey, we have been careful to retain what brought us to where we are now: a relentless dedication to researching and developing solutions and services that enable financial professionals to meet their existing goals and respond to new trends, while also increasing their efficiency and profitability.

The outgrowth of today’s digital revolution began in the early 2000s; and Scivantage was a key player through this change with its innovative new product launches, including Scivantage Professional™ in 2001 and Scivantage Investor™ in 2004, which introduced a new standard in wealth management services and technology. Following these initial launches, Scivantage continued to deliver on our promise of bringing the most advanced products to market.

When the 2008 financial crisis brought new regulatory mandates and compliance issues, Scivantage turned this obstacle into an opportunity with the launch of Maxit®, which is now the industry’s most highly automated cost basis solution. The development of our Scivantage Investor Mobile platform in 2010 was a response to the increasing need among investors for mobility in accessing and managing their finances, once again positioning Scivantage as a leader in the pack.

It is with great excitement that we reflect on these highlights, as they help to showcase, both individually and as a whole, how far we’ve come in 15 years. This past year was among our most exciting and most successful, as we delivered several new products to market – including the next generation of Scivantage Investor, Investor ODS, and Sqope™ – and received numerous accolades and industry recognitions, such as the BISA Technology Innovation Award for Investor Mobile and Top 100 rankings from IDC Financial Insights, American Banker and BAI FinTech Forward.

Now in 2015, Scivantage is the most highly automated cost-basis reporting provider in the industry and is recognized globally as one of the 100 top drivers of innovation in fintech. This level of success is a testament to the value that we bring to our clients and the excellence that we bring to the industry as a whole. Equally important, however, is the attention this brings to the many enterprising, industrious and visionary employees, partners, clients and friends who contribute to Scivantage every day. We thank and recognize your excellent work and consistent dedication – without your passion, trust and demand for excellence, our success at this 15-year milestone would not be possible.

Scivantage has grown from a company of seven people to an internationally recognized innovator with more than 50 financial clients, including:

  • >12 of the top 24 Online Brokerages
  • >2 of the top 3 Independent Brokerages
  • >6 of the top 8 Full Service/Regional Brokerages
  • >3 of the top 7 U.S. Banks
  • >#2 asset management firm in the world
  • >3 of the top 9 Prime Brokers

“The scale of Scivantage’s growth in the past 15 years is a demonstration and validation of our vision, commitment and expertise as an innovative, information-enabled firm. It is with this momentum that we continue into our next phase of growth,” said Adnane Charchour, President & CEO, Scivantage. “With the ingenuity and support of our dedicated employees, we enter this milestone year with optimism toward further innovation in financial services technology.”

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