Scivantage Brings Home Gold with Two Wins at the Contact Center World Awards

Latest call center innovations and improvements are recognized by industry leaders. Scivantage®, a FinTech 100 technology provider of Digital Wealth Management and Cost Basis solutions, was honored on June 23, 2017 with two Contact Center World Awards; Best Technology Innovation Internal Solution and Best Use of Self-Service Technology in Implementation of a Call Center. North […]

Ownership, Empowerment, and Innovation…It’s How We Roll!

What’s your company’s culture? If someone asks you to describe it, can you? Do all teammates in your company know it? And more importantly is everyone living by it? It can be challenging to actually put pen to paper in articulating a company’s culture. You may kind of know it, but to actually explain it…that […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sqope

Advanced performance measurement and portfolio analytics were once costly offerings that brokerages could only deliver to large institutional and high-net-worth investors; however in recent years, retail investors have increasingly demanded these same sophisticated tools. Brokerages haven’t been able to meet these demands in full because existing performance measurement technologies were not sufficiently scalable to offset […]

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Cost Basis Reporting Takeaway – Disallowed Carryover: Tracking and Reporting

With 2015 now underway, cost basis reporting is top-of-mind for brokers and investors as they comply with the complex mandates, and look to maintain operational efficiency. Bob Linville, Director of Product Management, Scivantage, helps to clarify the meaning of disallowed carryover offset in his most recent video – Reporting and Tracking Disallowed Carryover Offset – […]

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Cost Basis Reporting Takeaway: How to Differentiate Bonds Covered by Cost Basis Reporting Regulations in 2016

The New Year traditionally marks a time when businesses look to reignite their company’s outlook and build momentum towards another successful and prosperous year. In 2015, however, brokers will once again be faced with a new wave of cost basis reporting mandates, and this isn’t something that many institutions are celebrating. For the first time, […]

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Defining and Targeting the Active Trader

The frequency of individuals’ trading, and the processes that inform these trading decisions, vary greatly across today’s global markets. Aite Group, a research and consulting firm for the financial services industry, conducted two separate quantitative surveys in six target countries (US, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil and India) in November 2013 to better understand self-directed trading […]

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Mobile Expansion, More Than Just a Rallying Call

Digital technology continues to expand with remarkable speed and ever-broadening scope across a number of technologies, devices, and channels.  As it does, it is rapidly and permanently altering consumer’s expectations about their relationships with financial institutions. The mobile channel, in particular, has become ubiquitous in the financial services sector—according to the Federal Reserve’s 2014 Consumers […]

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Cost Basis Reporting Takeaway: Identifying Debt

The operational challenges of cost basis reporting compliance have not yet fully abated. “There will likely be a tsunami of calls from confused investors who don’t understand their tax reports and some incorrect reporting by financial firms which will need to redo their work,” describes cost basis expert Bob Linville, Scivantage Director of Product Management, […]

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Innovation Meets Opportunity: Scivantage Launches FinTech Incubator

Over the past decade, our lives have been positively impacted in almost every facet through technological innovation. Whether it is how we communicate with one another, how our food is grown and delivered, or the tremendous strides taken in developing and consuming alternative energy sources, technological innovation has paved the way for a more efficient […]