When Will Deemed Dividends Under Section 305(c) Become a Final Rule? Or Has it Already?

In April of 2016, the IRS published proposed regulations providing that conversion rate adjustments (CRAs) on convertible instruments are deemed dividends and are subject to withholding by withholding agents.  A comment period was scheduled ending 7/12/2016 in which seven comment letters were filed and posted to the docket on Regulations.gov.  On 7/5/2016, the IRS published […]

Ownership, Empowerment, and Innovation…It’s How We Roll!

What’s your company’s culture? If someone asks you to describe it, can you? Do all teammates in your company know it? And more importantly is everyone living by it? It can be challenging to actually put pen to paper in articulating a company’s culture. You may kind of know it, but to actually explain it…that […]

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Truth, Transparency, and the Individual Investor

Today’s individual investor desires, requires, deserves, and would greatly benefit from a higher level of portfolio transparency than they currently have access to. This holds true for the self-directed investor in a brokerage account as much as it does a retirement account.

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Raising Your Social Profile And Why It’s Important!

I often say if you raise your profile in life by definition you raise the profiles of those around you too. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well so be careful who you run with. Your profile is all you have. It is defined primarily by who you associate with, your actions and how you communicate your thoughts and beliefs. That’s about it.

Go With the Flow In Building a Rich Client Experience

As a leading FinTech company, we’re in a position to see new industry trends before they take shape. Some trends happen quickly while others unfold over a longer period. Today, a trend is evolving that will forever reshape the financial services industry even more than it has already: Unified Digital Wealth Management.

Understanding How Clients Value Your Business

The lesson here is to constantly keep abreast of innovation and client perspective. Being the best at what you do doesn’t matter much if customers don’t value what you do. Focusing on customer needs, not on specific products, is essential to achieving lasting success.