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Truth, Transparency, and the Individual Investor

Today’s individual investor desires, requires, deserves, and would greatly benefit from a higher level of portfolio transparency than they currently have access to. This holds true for the self-directed investor in a brokerage account as much as it does a retirement account.

Go With the Flow In Building a Rich Client Experience

As a leading FinTech company, we’re in a position to see new industry trends before they take shape. Some trends happen quickly while others unfold over a longer period. Today, a trend is evolving that will forever reshape the financial services industry even more than it has already: Unified Digital Wealth Management.

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The 2nd ‘S’ in SaaS

SaaS is here to stay. It’s the norm. It had an understandably measured start, with many financial institutions reluctant to embrace it in its early years. However, today SaaS is widely accepted in all verticals because the benefits are numerous, not the least of which being that SaaS allows businesses to do what they do best.

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An Eye on my ROI

I just turned 50. The big five-O. I can’t believe it. Even more than that, I can’t believe the things this “milestone” is forcing me to think about. All the fun things I’ve done, and what should that list of fun things include in chapter two? Followed by, “How do I get more money to do those fun things?” And then, “Have I saved enough money for retirement?” And finally, “crap.”

So, savings. I’ve read all kinds of tips on how to become a better saver. And part two of that equation, how to make those savings grow. Being a Bostonian, I really want to make those savings grow wicked good. Wicked pissa growth is what I want, frankly. Part three of the recipe is what’s the maximum “growth rate” I can achieve, am I achieving it, and if not, why not? My broker tells me that, right? Not really.

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Sqope Bids for 2015 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards

Scivantage is honored to have been nominated for the 2015 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards for SqopeTM in the category of Best Performance Measurement and Attribution System. Presented by Financial Technologies Forum and FTF News, the Technology Innovation Awards recognize information technology firms and service providers in the financial sector as well as industry professionals […]

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The Role of Analytics in Transforming Market Data

As advisors and investors look to technology for added efficiency and increased information/education in trading, analytics play a critical role in the trade process by transforming market data into intelligent and actionable information. In the United States alone, the number of traders has more than doubled over the past 10 years, with active traders and […]

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RECAP – The Power Play: Leveraging Options Trading to Accelerate Customer Transaction Activity

The self-directed trader segment has more than doubled in the past 10 years; however, the number of overall traders has flattened out over the last three years, according to recent Aite Group findings. This market shift, alongside challenges of growing competition and plateauing profits, has tasked firms with re-engaging traders, encouraging active investment participation, and […]

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The Evolving ‘Sqope’ of the Retail Market

Retail investors have continued to expand in sheer numbers and levels of technological sophistication over the last several years. According to recent Celent data, the retail investor market is estimated to make up 38% of the current US adult population, with self-directed investors growing at a quicker rate then non-self directed investors. The expanded use […]