Chasing Alpha: Tax Alpha May Be the Most Reliable Alpha

Capturing alpha – investment outperformance against its relevant benchmark – is immensely challenging. In fact, some studies show 9 out of 10 managers underperform their benchmarks[1]. Yet, everyone from the largest asset managers to individual investors spend immense effort to find an edge that will yield even a tiny sliver of performance over a benchmark. […]

PEOTUS Trump and Your Investments

You’ve probably heard there was a recent election in the US. Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, “bigly” changes to the tax code are likely and they will affect all investors. If you are investor, you should be thinking about this now. Smart investors always know the cost basis of their holdings so […]

Ownership, Empowerment, and Innovation…It’s How We Roll!

What’s your company’s culture? If someone asks you to describe it, can you? Do all teammates in your company know it? And more importantly is everyone living by it? It can be challenging to actually put pen to paper in articulating a company’s culture. You may kind of know it, but to actually explain it…that […]

Using Ansible for Automation

Ansible is a tool for automating the setup of servers. Instead of manually installing software, setting permissions, and editing config files, you describe these steps in a “playbook”, and then run it.

Scivantage - Wealth Management Infographic

Scivantage Wealth Management Platform Infographic 2015

Within the Scivantage Wealth Management Platform, integrated wealth management workstation Scivantage Professional brings together the critical tools and resources needed to help brokers and financial advisors successfully manage their books, make critical decisions and grow their business. For the client side, Scivantage Investor provides a comprehensive wealth management, customer service and advanced trading online brokerage solution that delivers personalized, on-demand access to high-quality investment applications and real-time information that retail investors need to proactively manage their investments. View the infographic to learn more.

Scivantage Feature

Robo-Advisors Need Advisors, Too.

The rise of the robo-advisor is often portrayed as the end of the traditional financial advisor. However, our recent webinar, in collaboration with Aite Group, titled “Unifying the Advisor and Investor Experience: The Rise of Client-Centric Wealth Management,” tells a much more complex story about the future of the wealth management industry. The webinar, which was […]

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OptionsPlay Ideas Powers Increased Trading Volume for Leading Broker-Dealer

As part of our latest Scivantage case study, a full service broker dealer was seeking a solution to extend transaction activity and satisfy the growing needs of its active traders. The company turned to OptionsPlay® Ideas through Scivantage to deliver an innovative tool suite that would provide a streamlined, intuitive market research experience, with functionality configured […]

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Hear From the Experts: Social Integration in the Online Brokerage Space

Isabella Fonseca, Research Director at Celent, contributes to VantagePoint, with a look at digital adoption for wealth management and brokerage firms. Social media and mobile channels are at the forefront of firms’ strategic plans, helping to optimize their connectivity with current and prospective clients and drive growth. To date, large wealth management institutions and brokerage […]

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Webinar Recap: Unifying the Advisor and Investor Experience

As the wealth management landscape continues to evolve with new technologies and user expectations, investments in client-facing technology have taken new precedence. Investment firms, faced with changing client profiles and technological advancements, are reevaluating their technology strategy in order to successfully engage investors and advisors. In light of these client-centric demands, Scivantage recently teamed up […]