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Cost Basis Reporting: Firms Reveal Biggest Needs, Drivers Behind Conversion of Legacy Systems

After quickly putting in place major system upgrades to meet new cost basis regulations several years back, many financial services firms have now realized that their solutions were not necessarily scalable to their enterprise or sufficiently flexible to adapt to the ongoing evolution of the requirements. Yet, even when dissatisfied with their existing systems, some firms have been hesitant to convert to a different reporting solution because of the potential risk of new system limitations, the significant investments made in their first system, or the perceived effort required to undertake such a conversion.

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With over 125 million IRS 1099s processed this season alone, Maxit’s sophisticated data management capabilities continue to set it apart, processing and managing high volumes of data to ensure cost basis accuracy and data consistency with a firm’s books and records.

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Within the Scivantage Wealth Management Platform, integrated wealth management workstation Scivantage Professional brings together the critical tools and resources needed to help brokers and financial advisors successfully manage their books, make critical decisions and grow their business. For the client side, Scivantage Investor provides a comprehensive wealth management, customer service and advanced trading online brokerage solution that delivers personalized, on-demand access to high-quality investment applications and real-time information that retail investors need to proactively manage their investments. View the infographic to learn more.

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OptionsPlay from Scivantage

Powered by innovative analytics, intuitive visuals and natural language processing, OptionsPlay® Ideas is built to simplify investment decision making and enable financial firms to generate new revenue and build stronger customer relationships. How does it do this? By translating the complex data into plain language and visuals that even the most novice investors can clearly understand. OptionsPlay Ideas […]

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OptionsPlay Ideas Powers Increased Trading Volume for Leading Broker-Dealer

In this latest impact report, a full service broker dealer was seeking to grow transaction activity and satisfy needs of its active traders. The firm’s goals included further delivering on offerings demanded by self-directed clients and raising client retention. The company turned to OptionsPlay Ideas to deliver an innovative tool suite that would provide a streamlined market research experience, […]

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Scivantage Overview Brochure

Scivantage is an independent financial technology provider with proven expertise in online brokerage, tax and portfolio reporting, and wealth management applications that automate and integrate key business practices for broker-dealers, mutual funds, custodians and prime brokers. Scivantage’s back-office independent solutions enable institutions and financial professionals to dramatically reduce operational costs, strengthen customer relationships and improve […]

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Scivantage Maxit® Overview

Watch our latest video featuring Scivantage Maxit®, an Automated Cost Basis, Tax Management and Portfolio Reporting Solution. Maxit is proven to reduce firms’ operational costs and enhance client experience by delivering the highest industry accuracy rates and unmatched reconciliation services, all while exceeding compliance requirements.  

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Scivantage Investor Overview

Watch our latest video featuring Scivantage Investor™, the next generation of online investment technology. Investor’s revolutionary user centered design and feature rich collection of tools  is designed to help financial institutions take leadership position in online brokerage and deliver unified consistent client experience.  

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Cost Basis Reporting: Total Cost of Ownership

With compliance deadlines fast approaching, financial institutions are now looking toward new and innovative ways to get the most out of their cost basis reporting investment. From total cost of ownership initiatives to maximizing the value of data, cost basis reporting has financial institutions reevaluating their overall strategy to better balance operational, business and client […]

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Beyond Compliance: Maximizing Your Cost Basis Reporting Investment

As cost basis reporting regulations inch towards their final phase, firms are now looking beyond compliance and searching for new and innovative ways to get the most out of their investment. From total cost of ownership initiatives to maximizing the value of the data, cost basis reporting has financial institutions reevaluating their overall strategy to […]