Cost Basis is Sexy

Cost basis is a funny thing. Every investor knows a little something about it. Since 1913 it’s been the foundation for taxes on capital gains (I’m not absolutely certain about that date; but, really, who’s going to check?). It has appeared on statements and brokerage websites for years. It was almost always incorrect. The basic […]

Ownership, Empowerment, and Innovation…It’s How We Roll!

What’s your company’s culture? If someone asks you to describe it, can you? Do all teammates in your company know it? And more importantly is everyone living by it? It can be challenging to actually put pen to paper in articulating a company’s culture. You may kind of know it, but to actually explain it…that […]

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Scivantage Overview Brochure

Scivantage is an independent financial technology provider with proven expertise in online brokerage, tax and portfolio reporting, and wealth management applications that automate and integrate key business practices for broker-dealers, mutual funds, custodians and prime brokers. Scivantage’s back-office independent solutions enable institutions and financial professionals to dramatically reduce operational costs, strengthen customer relationships and improve […]

Scivantage Feature

Scivantage Ranked on 2013 FinTech 100 List

FinTech 100—Scivantage makes its debut on the 2013 FinTech 100 List at No. 97 among the world’s top financial services technology providers. The listing, provided as a supplement to American Banker, includes leading vertical technology vendors that derive more than one third of their revenue from the financial technology industry.