Chasing Alpha: Tax Alpha May Be the Most Reliable Alpha

Capturing alpha – investment outperformance against its relevant benchmark – is immensely challenging. In fact, some studies show 9 out of 10 managers underperform their benchmarks[1]. Yet, everyone from the largest asset managers to individual investors spend immense effort to find an edge that will yield even a tiny sliver of performance over a benchmark. […]

PEOTUS Trump and Your Investments

You’ve probably heard there was a recent election in the US. Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, “bigly” changes to the tax code are likely and they will affect all investors. If you are investor, you should be thinking about this now. Smart investors always know the cost basis of their holdings so […]

Cost Basis is Sexy

Cost basis is a funny thing. Every investor knows a little something about it. Since 1913 it’s been the foundation for taxes on capital gains (I’m not absolutely certain about that date; but, really, who’s going to check?). It has appeared on statements and brokerage websites for years. It was almost always incorrect. The basic […]

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Staying Ahead of the Curve – Scivantage and SunGard Wall Street Concepts Webinar Recap

With all the new regulation impacting this year’s tax reporting season, we recently partnered with SunGard Wall Street Concepts for a Webinar to look at the future of fixed income and options reporting requirements. Artie Wolk, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy at SunGard Wall Street Concepts, and Cameron Routh, Senior Vice President, Managing Director Strategic […]

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FTF News: A Gathering Storm at Tax Time

In case you missed it, in a recent FTF News article, reporter Eugene Grygo examines the impact of new cost basis reporting rules on trading firms and their operations. Grygo spoke to Cameron Routh, SVP, Managing Director of Strategic Products at Scivantage and Martin Bentsen, Director of the Cost Basis practice at Jordan & Jordan, to […]

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Q & A: Cameron Routh, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Strategic Products at Scivantage

Although few tend to look forward to tax season, this year’s cost basis reporting (CBR) rules definitely won’t make this time of year any more appealing. Cameron Routh, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Strategic Products at Scivantage, talks about what brokerages should expect, how they can deal with the influx of investor requests and how the Cost Basis […]

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USA Today: New Rule Puts a Wrinkle in Figuring Taxes on Stock Sales

In case you missed it, Cameron Routh, our Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Strategic Products, spoke to Matt Krantz of USA Today for an article on the tax implications of recent cost basis reporting regulations that investors are facing this year. Following the passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, 1099-B forms that […]