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Advanced Order Entry and Management to Drive New Business

Financial institutions can no longer rely solely on their back office or clearing providers to deliver trading tools that are flexible enough to support ever-changing regulatory requirements and the growing demands of financial advisors and individual investors. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, advanced order entry and trade management have become even more essential in helping to grow your business and secure long-term, profitable relationships with clients.

Whether you’re looking to modernize your trading technology or extend capabilities not currently offered by your existing provider, Scivantage delivers a full suite of web-based, advanced order entry and management solutions to help brokerages, banks and clearing firms simplify the order process, reduce trade errors and deliver advanced trading capabilities to advisors and online retail clients

Beyond Traditional… Powerful Trading Platforms to Support Your Advisor Desktop and Online Brokerage Strategies

Scivantage Trade Processing completely automates trade execution and order processing of stocks, options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Using our proprietary middleware technology, Trade Processing provides real-time connectivity to a financial institution’s back office, whether you use one or many for your business, to deliver a straight-through-processing environment that supports immediate transaction delivery and real-time order monitoring and execution.

Our web-based, trading platforms are designed to support your advisor desktop or online brokerage strategies and are extremely powerful and flexible, without giving up the benefit of being easy-to-use. To complement our core trading capabilities, Scivantage offers a full suite of advanced trading tools that that go well beyond traditional back office and clearing firm offerings—providing our clients with an immediate competitive advantage. These premium applications include:

This web-based, trading solution is available as a core component of Scivantage Investor and Scivantage Professional, or it can be deployed as a stand alone application that can be integrated into existing web portals or desktop platforms.

Rules-based Processing to Reduce Errors and Ensure Compliance

Utilizing Scivantage’s Automated Trade Review, Trade Processing incorporates automated decision processing through a real-time, dynamic and configurable rules engine that automates the process of pre-trade review and approval, order routing and exception management.

The application evaluates all trades at the point of order entry and before releasing them for execution, allowing your firm to take control over pre-trade procedures and reduce compliance exposure. In a matter of seconds, the powerful application applies hundreds of business rules to ensure that the trade complies with all of the market and in-house rules and regulations.

Key Advantages

Scivantage Trade Processing is available as part of:

Scivantage Investor

Scivantage Professional

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