Account Opening & Maintenance

Automate the Account Opening Process to Generate New Revenue, Ensure Compliance and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Whether your firm is looking to empower your financial advisors to take control of the account opening process or searching for better ways to attract and retain online customers, Scivantage Account Opening & Maintenance offers a proven, cost-effective solution that is an essential component of any financial institution’s growth strategy.

Scivantage Account Opening & Maintenance is a real-time, automated and configurable account opening and administration solution for financial advisors, operations personnel and online brokerage websites. Available as an integrated module of Scivantage Professional, Scivantage Investor or as a standalone application that can be seamlessly integrated into 3rd party or proprietary systems, this powerful application drives profitability by reducing the cost and time of acquiring new accounts, increasing application conversion rates and improving Advisor and Client satisfaction during the all-important initial touch point with your firm—opening a new account.

The Automated Review & Approval capability ensures accurate data entry and compliance with regulatory and business rules, while significantly reducing "not-in-good-order" (NIGO) exceptions. This innovative, back-office independent solution easily and seamlessly integrates with all clearing, back-office and third-party software providers.

Scivantage Account Opening employs an integrated and highly configurable decision support system to ensure proper information is gathered and validated at every phase of the account opening process. Integrated risk management features make certain that consistent decision-making and edit check criteria are applied across all applications. Automating many time-consuming and error-prone tasks, the solution can be configured to support a firm's business processes and compliance policies. Scivantage Account Opening also provides a powerful workflow system that automates the new account and account maintenance approval lifecycle; dramatically reducing processing time and eliminating errors.

Together with Electronic Money Movement, this application helps your firm capture prospects in real-time by supporting instant account opening and funding across multiple channels.

Key Advantages

Scivantage Account Opening & Maintenance is available as part of:

Scivantage Investor

Scivantage Professional

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