5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sqope

Advanced performance measurement and portfolio analytics were once costly offerings that brokerages could only deliver to large institutional and high-net-worth investors; however in recent years, retail investors have increasingly demanded these same sophisticated tools. Brokerages haven’t been able to meet these demands in full because existing performance measurement technologies were not sufficiently scalable to offset the relatively lower margin of the retail sector, at least until Scivantage debuted Sqope.

As Scivantage’s integrated portfolio management and analytics platform, Sqope allows brokerages to scale performance measurement technology from the institutional investor to the retail investor. With Sqope, brokerages can now net a greater share of the growing retail investor market while remaining profitable, and at the same time, use the technology to improve services with the powerful, crowdsourced insights of retail investors.

Both brokerages and retail investor clients benefit, thanks to Sqope’s five key characteristics.

  1. It’s comprehensive –  combines portfolio analytics, risk analytics, performance measurement and peer benchmarking with premium reporting

Using Sqope, retail investors can analyze their portfolio’s performance and risk at various levels of granularity. The platform enables users to break-down portfolio’s performance return information, including asset class, sector and security level across multiple timeframes. It also comes with real-time “what if?” analysis and risk statistics, which allows investors to determine reallocations and populate trades with just one click.

  1. It’s scalable – large and small brokerages can use it with equal success

Built on a software-as-a-service model, Sqope doesn’t rely on infrastructure investment or proprietary development, making it an accessible performance measurement tool for boutique brokerages with modest IT budgets. It also comes with Scivantage’s guaranteed 24×7 technical and operations support.

  1. It allows brokers to maximize client data via proprietary algorithms that recommend trades and drive activity

Sqope is designed with the retail trader in mind and its various features help build their affinity with the platform. One of the keystone features is the ability for a trader to benchmark his or her trade decisions and performance against the “Sqope scores” of an anonymous peer group, helping to stimulate engagement with the platform and build loyalty to it. Traders are also driven to contribute to the pool of crowdsourced information at hand in Sqope, providing brokerages with a rich pool of data.

As an investor-friendly platform designed to optimize user experience, Sqope invites investors to direct their own portfolio strategy, generating data that offers rich insight into their investment preferences and opportunities with each click. Sqope’s proprietary SciQ data-mining algorithms automatically translate this data into actionable, impartial insights that drive better investment/trade decision making for retail traders. Customized insights encourage increased trade volume, leading to more DARTs and growth for your business.

  1. It’s compatible with any existing back office system

Regardless of your current back-office system, Sqope can be integrated without having to reconfigure existing infrastructure.

  1. It’s white label – offer your customers the best while maintaining your brand

In addition to driving higher revenue and greater share-of-wallet through its streamlined, customer centric design and capabilities, Sqope also allows you to reinforce your brand. The suite is customizable with your branded palette, logo, and other key markers, ensuring that the retail investor experience is a seamless extension of your company’s values and reputation.

The growing retail investor market offers brokerages a new opportunity to expand their brands, elevate the quality of their services and improve their trading capabilities with insights from unprecedented data. Sqope combines all the resources you need in one place to yield the highest return on your firm’s investment in this promising sector of the wealth management industry.

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